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Pr - Praseodymium

Pr - Praseodymium

Atomic Number: 59     Period Number:5       Group Number:  None

Praseodymium, which is mostly found in monazite,  is a soft and silvery metal. There are no free element found in nature until now because it is so active. Praseodymium solution is yellow-green.  There are only one stable isotope in nature: 141Pr.


Praseodymium is widely used in alloy, which has high strength. It is added to fiber optic cables as a doping agent where it is used as a signal amplifier. Praseodymium salts are used to give glasses and enamels a yellow color. Praseodymium is also a component of didymium glass, which is used to make certain types of welder's and glass blower's goggles.


Physical and Chemical properties:

Atomic Weight: 140.90765

Melting Point: 1204 K

Boiling Point: 3793 K

Density: 6.77 g/cm3

Phase at Room Temperature: Solid

Ionization Energy: 5.464 eV

Oxidation State: +3


 Praseodymium Oxide, Praseodymium Metal 

Product No.



Average Particle Size



Praseodymium Oxide Powder ( Pr6O11)

Pr6O11/TREO 99.9%

1~15 micron

Ask for a quote


Praseodymium Oxide Powder( Pr6O11)

Pr6O11/TREO 99.995%

1~15 micron

Ask for a quote



   We also provide Praseodymium Oxide powder with other purities and particle sizes upon request. Please contact us for availability and quote.


Praseodymium Metal Powder (Pr)

Pr/TREM  99.9%

-100 mesh

Ask for a quote


Praseodymium Metal Sputtering Target (Pr)

Pr/TREM  99.9%

 Disks, Plates

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   We also provide Praseodymium Metals with other specifications upon request. Please contact us for availability and quote.


Praseodymium Fluoride (PrF3)

REO/TREO   99.5%


Ask for a quote


Praseodymium Fluoride (PrF3)

REO/TREO  99.99%


Ask for a quote



   We also provide Praseodymium Fluoride with other specifications upon request. Please contact us for availability and quote.

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