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Zinc Oxide Nano-dispersion in water

Product #: 8423XT
Zinc Oxide Nano-dispersion in water


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Product Properties

Zinc Oxide Nanopowder/ Nanoparticles (ZnO)
ZnO dispersion primary particle size:  8~12nm 

ZnO dispersion agglomerated particle size: 30~50nm;

ZnO dispersion content: 20%


Health and Safety

Hazard Statements
Transport Information
Suggest equipment
Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US), type P1 (EN143) respirator filter

Zinc Oxide( ZnO) Nano-dispersion General Description  

A clear or slightly yellow liquid containing Zinc Oxide nanoparticles in water, oil, alcohol, or another dispersion medium. Available in a range of solid particle contents, with non-volatile matter content ranging from 20 to 50wt%. Depending on dispersion medium, typical particle size in these dispersions will fall between 25 and 40nm or between 15 and 35nm, with water dispersions having a more consistent particle size at 20nm. The product is transparent even with higher wt%, a significant difference when comparing to products normally used in similar applications.

Zinc Oxide( ZnO) Nano-dispersion Application  

Zinc oxide nanoparticle dispersions offer a combination of unique properties that offer exciting potential across a wider range of applications and industries, including but not limited to:

Lubricants: When added to traditional hydrocarbon lubricants such as grease and oils, the high chemical activity of these dispersions interferes with harmful chain reactions which shorten the lifespan of these chemicals. An oil-based concentrate of zinc oxide nanoparticles acts as a significant performance booster and oxidation prevention mechanism in numerous lubricants. 

Solar: With effective UV-blocking and favorable physical traits such as stability, long usage life, and non-leaching properties, zinc oxide nanoparticle dispersions can play a critical role in solar components which might rapidly deteriorate under the high UV exposure of a solar energy system.

Textiles and fibers: The UV-protection properties of ZnO nanoparticle dispersions make it of value in the production of numerous textiles and fibers which might see UV exposure.

Rubber products: Some of the same properties which make zinc oxide nanoparticles valuable in lubricants make these dispersions valuable in the production of longer-lived, better-colored, wear-resistant rubber products, including but not limited to tires and personal protective gear.

Paint and cosmetics: UV-shielding, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties together offer exciting application potential for zinc oxide nanopowder dispersion in the manufacture of pain coatings and cosmetics, thanks to unique blend of optical, mechanical, and chemical properties.

Ceramics: The integration of zinc oxide nanopowder dispersions into certain ceramics manufacturing processes can have interesting effects on the manufacturing process, including significant reductions of sinter temperatures.

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