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Silver nanowires/ Ag Nanowires

Product #: 0129HN
Silver nanowires

$300/1g immersed in 25ml ethanol

Please contact us for quotes on larger quantities


Product Properties

Silver ( Ag ) Nanowires

Ag nanowires form: Liquid

Ag nanowires concentration: 1g silver nanowires in 25ml ethanol suspension

Ag nanowires color: Grey

Ag nanowires average dimensions for a standard product are:
      40+/- 10 nm in diameter

      minimum 20 microns in length

Health and Safety

Hazard Statements


Transport Information


Suggest equipment

Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US), type P1 (EN143) respirator filter

0129HN Silver Nanowires SDS for Download    


Silver (Ag) Nanopowder General Description

Silver nanowires, like other silver nanomaterials, have become immensely popular across a host of industries in recent years. Available in a variety of dimensions and lengths, silver nanowires typically come at about 40nm in diameter and lengths of 20 or more microns. Unlike macro wires, silver nanowires are sold by weight in an ethanol suspension.

Silver (Ag) Nanopowder Applications

Many of the most exciting applications for silver nanowires have only become possible very recently, as new technology has arisen to make the most of their potential without running afoul of their inherent delicacy. For example, silver nanowires were of interest for solar cells and flexible displays, but saw little commercial usage due to a susceptibility to UV radiation and other harsh environments. Research revealed a strategy of wrapping silver nanowires in ultra-thin layers of graphene to insulate them. This opens up countless doors for the potential of silver nanowires, few of which have yet to be fully realized. Many industries view silver nanowire as a potential replacement for indium tin oxide; as the material is flexible, transparent, and electrically conductive, so long as the problems of electromagnetic susceptibility can be overcome it will become a superior—and cheaper—material in every way.

Recent Publications   

Surface effects on elastic properties of silver nanowires: Contact atomic-force microscopy; G.Y. Jing, H.L.Duan,X.M. Sun, Z.S. Zhang, J. Xu, Phys. Rev. B73, 235409-Pubilished 13 June 2006
Seedless, surfactantless wet chemical synthesis of silver nanowires; K.K. Casewell, Christopher M. Bender and Catherine J. Murphy
Nanoletter, April 22, 2002
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