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Silver Ag nanopowder/ nanoparticles self-dispersing 15 nm 25%

Product #: 0127SH
Polymer coated Silver nanoparticles/nanopowder (Ag, 15 nm)


Please contact us for quotes on larger quantities.

Product Properties

Silver nanopowder/ nanoparticles coated with polymer
Ag Nanoparticles Purity of Ag: 99.99%
Ag Nanoparticles Particle size of Ag nanoparticles: <= 15 nm
Ag Nanoparticles Composition: 25% silver + 75% polymer
Dispersibility: dispersible in various organic solvents and aqueous solutions
Ag Nanoparticles Color: brown
Ag Nanoparticles Storage: hermetically sealed
0127SH Silver Nanoparticles/ Nanopowder Specification for Download                          

Health and Safety 

Hazard Statements N/A
Transport Information N/A
Suggest equipment
Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US), type P1 (EN143) respirator filter

Silver (Ag) Nanopowder General Description

A versatile substance with pharmacological, anti-microbial, conductive, and chemical applications, silver nanopowder/nanoparticles appear as colored powders available in various granule sizes and coatings. SSNano can provide silver nanopowders ranging from particles of 15nm to particles measured in millimeters, with various treatments and coatings for all your needs.

Nanopowders dissolve into a variety of solvents, including water, ethanol, and isopropanol, to produce convenient suspensions. Research continuously reveals new applications of silver nanoparticles in fields including biotech, medicine, electronics, and manufacturing, where it often achieves the same end results as more costly solutions.     

Silver (Ag) Nanopowder Applications

  • Anti-microbial applications: Silver nanoparticles added to other substances can suppress pathogens including Escherichia coli and staphylococcus aurous. It’s particularly useful in applications for those with sensitive skin and reactions to less inoffensive compounds. These antimicrobial properties also make silver nanopowders efficient in a variety of filters, face masks, and similar products. You can find silver nanopowders used in detergents, toys, consumer appliances, and countless other places.
  • Conductive applications: A key ingredient in a number of conductive products, including conductive adhesives, LCD and LED screens, touch screens, and conductive slurries used in microelectronics.
  • Chemical applications: Silver nanopowder/nanoparticles can be utilized to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of chemical reactions, such as ethylene oxidation. The same factors also make them of use in chemical vapor sensors and other devices.
  • Optical applications: Silver nanopowders play a crucial role in a number of optical applications. You can see silver nanoparticles in solar cells, medical imaging equipment, optical limiters, spectroscopic equipment, and a host of other technology.
  • Pharmacological applications:In addition to its basic antimicrobial applications, silver nanopowder fills several other roles in modern pharmacology, including cell dying and gene diagnosis. 

Recent Publications

Bactericidal Paper Impregnated with Silver Nanoparticles for Point-of-Use Water Treatment., Theresa A. Dankovich and Derek G. Gray., Environ. Sci. Technol., 2011, 45(5)

Synthesis and Application of silver nanoparticles., Kholoud M.M Abou Ei-Nour, Ala'a Eftaiha, Abdulrhman Al-Warthan., Arabian Jornal of Chemistry., July 2010, Volume 3 ( 135~140) 

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