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Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles / Nanopowder ( MgO, 99%, 10~30nm, treated with Stearic Acid)

Product #: 4801DL
Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticle / Nanopowder (MgO, 99+%, 10-30 nm, treated with Stearic Acid)

Please contact us for quotes on larger quantities.
Product Properties
Magnesium Oxide Nanopowder/ Nanoparticles (MgO, 99%, 20nm, treated with stearic acid)
MgO Nanopowder Purity: 99%
MgO Nanopowder Appearance: white nanopowder
MgO Nanopowder APS: 10~30nm
MgO Nanopowder SSA: ~ 50 m2/g
MgO Nanopowder True density: 3.58 g/m3
Health and Safety
Hazard Statements
Transport Information
Suggest equipment
Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US), type P1 (EN143) respirator filter

4801DL Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles/ Nanopowder MSDS for Download

Magnesium Oxide( MgO ) Nanopowder General Description
A fine white powder made up primarily of magnesium oxide particles ranging from 10 to 30nm in diameter, this oxide nanomaterial sees usage across a wide array of industries thanks to its unique refractory, insulator, and thermal properties. To find out more about ordering, handling, and utilizing magnesium oxide nanopowder/nanoparticles(mgo nanopowder/nanoparticles), contact SSNano directly.
Magnesium Oxide( MgO ) Nanopowder Applications
  • Refractory materials: The refractory properties make it ideal for producing various refractory materials, for use as a coating filler, and in the production of various other optical, electrical, and high-temperature devices.
  • Dehydration: Any number of manufacturing processes utilize magnesium oxide nanopowders as a high-temperature dehydrating agent. In addition to uses in the production of various advanced materials, it’s used as a hydrating additive for certain raw chemical materials.
  • Electric insulation: The electric properties of magnesium oxide make it an ideal ingredient and additive material for producing electrodes, insulated conduits, and various other electronic devices and parts.
  • Magnetic devices: Various magnetic devices utilize magnesium oxide in their production as a filler, insulator, or material component. It's particularly widely used within the radio industry.
  • Fuel additive: When added to fuel, magnesium oxide nanopowder serves to inhibit static discharge, prevent corrosion, and help keep fuel system clean and clear.
  • Fire retardant: A popular additive in any number of materials due to its unique fire retardant properties. Specific uses include chemical fiber production and various flame resistant plastics.
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