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Cerium Oxide Nanodispersion in water

Product #: 2121XT
Cerium Oxide Nano-dispersion in water
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Product Properties

Cerium Oxide Nanopowder/ Nanoparticles (CeO2)
CeO2 dispersion primary particle size:  10~15nm

CeO2 dispersion agglomerated particle size: 30~70nm

CeO2 dispersion content: 40%

CeO2 dispersion SSA: ~100m2/g ( BET)

Cerium Oxide ( CeO2) Nano-dispersion Specification

Cerium Oxide ( CeO2 ) Nano-dispersion Gerneral Info    

A yellow or yellow-brown liquid composed of cerium oxide nanoparticles dispersed in common water, alcohol, or oil dispersion mediums.  The typical particle size in the dispersion, after minimal agglomeration of the <10nm primary particle size nanoparticles used, varies significantly depending on the medium.

In a 40wt% dispersion, non-polar mediums result in typical particle sizes between 30nm and 48nm, polar mediums in typical particle sizes between 25 and 40nm, and water in more consistent typical particle sizes of 58nm.

Cerium Oxide ( CeO2 ) Nano-dispersion Application    

The unique blend of chemical, mechanical, optical, and electrical properties inherent to CeO2 nanopowder dispersions lends this product value across a wide selection of applications, both as a possible alternative material and a source of innovation.

Lubricants: The addition of CeO2 dispersions to hydrocarbon lubricants in high-pressure environments shows exceptional anti-wear properties, improving maximum non-seizure loads by roughly 10% over similar additives such as ZDDP. Maximum non-seizure loads of grease augmented with cerium oxide nanopowder dispersions are roughly 2.3 times those of unaugmented loads. 

Fuel catalyst: Cerium oxide nanopowder dispersed in oil-based fuels act as fuelborne catalysts, improving combustion for cleaner emissions and reduced wear on metallic components of the engine. A 0.01wt% of CeO2 nanoparticles dispersed in diesel reduced smoke emissions by roughly a third compared to unaugmented diesel in tests.

Heat and IR shielding: Optical properties make it of use in the production of certain heat shielding and IR-absorbing applications, both as a coating and as an ingredient in manufacturing.

UV Absorption: As a UV-blocking inorganic material with extremely low photocatalytic activity, CeO2 nanoparticles  dispersions can act as very long-lasting coatings to protect underlying coatings and the materials those coatings protect without significant deterioration or change in efficacy.  

Electronics: The electrochemical properties of cerium oxide nanoparticles see it used in a variety of disparate electronic applications; dispersions have been used or explored in the production of superconducting materials, solid oxide fuel cells, etc.

Oxygen devices: Chemical properties make CeO2 nanopowder dispersions useful in the production of  a number of oxygen-interfacing devices, such as oxygen sensors.


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